The road to the new Team Koen.

Team Koen
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Project description.

Team Koen (WordPress websites) and Team Adis (Google marketing) focus on the online market and are jointly a formation of creative, independent entrepreneurs under one roof. Together, the team members roll up their sleeves to compete with their online competitors together with their partners. Together they are growing rapidly, for that I have received the confidence and assignment from Team Koen to create a whole new website.

We first started with the design of the website that serves as the basis for the technical realization of the website. With Sketch I realised a homepage design based on their brand guide and a fixed color palette. The site has been designed in such a way that it fits in look and feel. It was important that the services, customers and process appear directly and clearly on the homepage. We then fine-tuned the design in Invision with a few revisions. After the design was approved through the design process, I started building a custom WordPress website.

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Development tools.