Managed hosting.


Why managed hosting.

Managed hosting ensures that you are relieved as much as possible when it comes to hosting. Are you not interested in terms like NGINX, SSL, DNS, Apache and MySQL? As a developer, I know exactly which technical requirements the hosting for your website must meet in order to have a fast, scalable and stable website.

What is included.

I make sure that you only have to deal with your website or application. I completely take over the management of the server(s) and everything that comes with it.

Cache + Free CDN.

A Content Delivery Network speeds up page loads for your site’s visitors globally with full-page caching

99.9% uptime & 24/7 monitor.

99.9% uptime guarantees with 24/7 uptime monitoring. Checks your site every 5 minutes to see if it returns an offline status code.

90-100% page speed score.

Optimized to ensure the highest achievable performance for WordPress. Always a high page speed score, if your website is optimized for this.

Support & reports.

During malfunctions, I will immediately respond to investigate and resolve an incident and register incidents, changes and performance of your hosting.

Daily backups.

Automatic back up every day to Amazon's secure S3 cloud environment on an off-site server.

Tight security practices.

Firewall, DDoS protection, tight Security policies and daily backups of your website to an external location.

Daily malware scan.

Every night a scan for malware, security problems and harmful scripts of hackers to which I can immediately respond.

Pop & IMAP mailboxes.

Unlimited POP & IMAP mailboxes including spam filter and virus filter to prevent spam and viruses in your mailbox.

Free moving service.

Do you now have hosting elsewhere? I transfer the website, domain name and all mailboxes completely free of charge.

Technical specifications.

as server.

Accelerates content delivery, improves security and facilitates availability and scalability.


Speed ​​up your site's performance with built-in NGINX (fastcgi_cache) page caching.

Latest PHP version (7.4) .

Surpasses all previous versions of PHP by a huge margin. It uses 75% less resources than PHP 5

PHP-FPM Handler.

The best performing handler for PHP. It is vastly superior to all other handlers.

SDD as a hard disk.

This means that loading times are drastically shorter, so you benefit more from a much better performance.

MariaDB 10.4.

A drop-in replacement for MySQL. It is radically faster than MySQL with more advanced functions.

Extra speed with Redis.

A memory structure stored in memory that caches database queries and objects for added performance.

Extra speed with Opcache.

A bytecode cache that stores compiled PHP code in memory for faster access.

FTP & access hosting panel.

You receive data for the FTP and have full access to the hosting panel to create mailboxes and arrange other matters yourself.

Hosting packages.

Every website is different, one has a more demanding website than the other. That is why I offer 3 different variants depending on the technical requirements. A customized package, or purchasing multiple packages at the same time? Send your custom request for a quote.



from 25,00 p/m

For small informative websites


from 40,00 p/m

For medium-sized websites / shops


from 60,00 p/m

For large-scale websites

Start-up costs € 0,- € 0,- € 0,-
Relocation costs € 0,- € 0,- € 0,-
Monthly data traffic Fair use Fair use unlimited
RAM memory 128MB 256MB 500MB
SDD storage 5GB 20GB 50GB
Number of databases unlimited unlimited unlimited
SSL certificate
Free basic SSL included
Install your own certificate On request On request On request
Domain name registration if applicable (.com) € 7,95- € 7,95- € 7,95-
Extra domain (.com) € 9,95- € 9,95- € 9,95-
Help with problems
Priority to questions?
Hosting panel
Number of mailboxes unlimited unlimited unlimited
Installation manual
Automatic backups
Frequency Daily Daily Daily
Retention time Until 1 year ago Until 1 year ago Until 1 year ago
Support for problems, hacks, malware
Malware scans
Firewall, DDoS protection and tight security policies



from 25,00 p/m

For small informative websites


from 40,00 p/m

For medium-sized websites / shops


from 60,00 p/m

For large-scale websites


With my hosting package we first make agreements about specific requirements and what professional support is needed to achieve the best results.

Draw up a contract

Set requirements

With a new application follows an introduction, a short scoping of the technical requirements and activities, and I will ensure that you receive a clear and customized contract.


Configure hosting
Relocate website

Satisfied with the contract? Then I start and make sure your hosting is configured, your website has moved and all tools are ready, so that your website always remains safe and online.


Maintenance & support
Monthly terminable

I ensure that the server runs optimally with the latest server software, monitor your website and perform daily backups and scans. In addition, you can always reach me for support and questions.

Frequently asked questions.

Hosting providers offer a bare-bones service that is great for new websites because it is extremely budget-friendly. Your site is hosted on a server along with (usually) thousands of other websites and usually you don't get much support from the hosting company. If something goes wrong, you have to find the solution yourself, which often means spending many hours on websites, google and forums to learn about the technique. It can be fascinating to learn everything, but it can also be very time consuming.

Not only do I host your site on a secure server, I work hard to make sure your site is as technically healthy as possible - with security updates and backups, helping you install, configure and optimize your hosting and ensure that the server achieves the highest achievable performance for WordPress. This means you don't have to do all this work yourself. Your website is shared with a strictly limited number of sites on each server. This means that your site has access to all necessary resources.
My basic security measures include configuring a Firewall, DDoS protection, configuring a free WordPress security plugin on your website with which I receive attacks and security issues in my mail, every night a scan is performed on the server for malware, security issues and malicious hacker scripts, installing an SSL security certificate and ongoing recommendations and advice on security best practices to keep your site safe.

No one can guarantee that your website will never have to deal with a hack or infection. This is partly due to the various factors and techniques that come together. Every new update to the WordPress core, theme or plugin may contain new security vulnerabilities. This may also have to do with the way in which the customer keeps his data, how the website is structured or what security measures are implemented on the server.

When your website is hacked, I immediately start with identifying harmful files and finding out the cause free of charge. With my hosting package I make a daily safe backup of your website on an off-site server, in which case your data will never be lost and I can easily roll back a version.
Fair Use stands for "reasonable consumption". The individual consumption is compared with that of other users with the same hosting package. It is always allowed to use more than what is allowed on average. But when, for example, five times the average consumption is exceeded, we will look together at solutions to reduce consumption. If this is not possible, other options are often possible, such as upgrading to a larger hosting package.
Depending on the degree of the issue, a support issue can be submitted by email or by Skype / Slack / Chat. Because I sometimes have to deal with multiple support requests, the workload can increase. In that case, the classification table below can be assumed during office hours. In other cases I try to respond asap and immediately in case of urgency.
ClassificationResponse timeContact
UrgentWithin 1 hourBy Skype, chat or email
HighWithin 1-8 hoursBy Skype, chat or email
AverageWithin 48 hoursEmail
LowWithin 3-5 daysEmail
During the onboarding process I ask for an administrative user account for WordPress, the domain transfer code and the email addresses you are currently using and how they are used, for example in Outlook or Office365. With this information I can ensure the move of your WordPress website will run smoothly. I keep all customer data in a 256-bit AES encrypted vault for ultimate security.
After we have agreed on the contract, it can take up to 2 days for the hosting to be configured and the website to be moved. If it is an emergency, this can be arranged within a day.
Hell yes! I give bulk discounts, please send your request to me for details. I also like to work with agencies. As soon as I know more details about your specific needs, I am happy to prepare a proposal with some clever incentives.

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