Support hours.

The support hours are ideal for smaller technical jobs or quick support. With support hours you purchase hours in advance, I charge a discount based on the total time taken. This saves you time and money and I can get started faster. The more hours you purchase, the more favorable the rate becomes.


2 hours

120 € 60 / hour

2-hour credit for all work

5 hours

275 € 55 / hour

5-hour credit for all work

10 hours

500 € 50 / hour

10-hour credit for all work

Can be used for all services
Discount € 10 discount € 50 discount € 150 discount
Valid 1 year 1 year 1 year

Frequently asked questions.

Buying hours in bulk offers several advantages; With support hours you buy several hours at once and then I am always ready to help you when you need it. You get faster to immediate help where no quotes are needed, this saves me and you a lot of time and administrative actions. I can be deployed more flexibly for advice, programming work or requests for help. You are not tied to a contract and every minute worked time is logged in a transparent manner. This gives you more control over costs.
You take a number of hours of support for a favorable rate, which are logged in minutes. You purchase support when you need it. The time consumed is reported in detail in an overview per activity and time spent. I report / log activities in an environment for which you have access. The support hours remains valid for 12 months and offers you targeted support with an extra discount on my regular rate.
You can use the hours purchased by you for almost any conceivable work on your website and are ideal for small jobs. However, this work must be scheduled. If you need structural updates and maintenance, it is better to choose my monthly maintenance package which is more cheaper
You make a payment first. You can pay this in advance directly with Paypal or iDeal. When I have received the payment, I can start working for you within a week or in some cases directly.

Purchase support hours.

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