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Project description.

The 18-hole golf course of Sallandsche Golfclub “De Hoek” is located in the beautiful Sallandsche scenery in Diepenveen. On the Sallandsche they offer golfers of all levels appropriate golf lessons and activities. And fanatical competition is played in different categories. Hoog Design had teamed up with Sallandsche to design a brand new look for which I was assigned to develop some technical features. Hoog Design had made a small start building the theme, but had to outsource the construction because of their busy schedule. Hoog Design had therefore also assigned me to fully develop the website and custom theme.

Golfsystem API.

To organize the competitions Sallandsche uses a separate golf members and competition system in which their members are registered and competition data are stored. The system releases an API for which I had developed a secure custom API link that allows members from that system to log in to the WordPress site. For the API link I used Postman to test the POSTS & REQUESTS and the necessary data are dynamically stored through the API connection in the WordPress database to reduce the number of requests. On the site, a membership environment has been created, in which members can see hidden content and register for certain events for which a custom post type has been set up. In addition, with the API link I also retrieve the competition data securely.

Track occupation calendar with API.

For the track occupation I have developed a custom calendar with which I use the retrieved competition data to fill it with events and data from the API connection. As a result, the track occupation on their golf system is linked to the calendar . To promote performance, the retrieved competition data is also stored in the database to reduce the number of requests and are automatically refreshed with new data from the API link with a WordPress Cronjob. A function has also been built for Sallandsche for manually refreshing the data by a button if necessary.

Open Weather Map API.

It was also a requirement to develop a page with a live feed of the weather at the golf club with specific data as it relates to the game. For this purpose, an API link has been made with that releases this data and an interface has been developed that displays the data for the user with a great overview and in which you can filter by date.

Golf courses.

For the golf courses, I developed a page template which includes a visual map of their golf field in which golf courses are highlighted and in which you can click through to view golf courses in detail.


During development, all script libraries are managed via Node.JS/NPM, so that the latest version can always be easily deployed (think of Bootstrap, Fontawesome etc.) and task runners are used with Gulp.js to compile all SASS and JavaScript to minified and combined scripts. In addition, the scripts ensure that images are lazyloaded and where possible scripts are loaded in the footer. This ensures that a minimum number of requests is maintained, which greatly benefits the speed. The website was then further developed and I made the website fully responsive for mobile devices.

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Development tools.

Client reference.

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