Accommodation with a beautiful location.

Team Koen
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Project description.

De Schildhoeve is an accommodation with a beautiful location in the province of Drenthe. Due to their years of experience, you can contact them for all types of events and parties. Team Koen, in collaboration with Schildhoeve, came up with a design that was 60% finished. Team Koen asked me to finish the design and deliver several pages. After these were approved I was allowed to take care of the technical realization and convert the design to a custom WordPress website.


While converting, SVGs and icon fonts were used wherever possible for their crisp, clean look and fast loading speed. The website offers various types of events and parties for which a template has been built with a custom built builder in ACF. With this, various components can be configured and linked to the events which the client can manage which makes setting up landing pages easy. For example, galleries, price lists, reviews and text blocks can be easily arranged within a template depending on the content. For the rooms, references and photo gallery, custom modules have been made using Custom Post Types.


During development, all script libraries are managed via Node.JS/NPM, so that the latest version can always be easily deployed (think of Bootstrap, Fontawesome etc.) and task runners are used with Gulp.js to compile all SASS and JavaScript to minified and combined scripts. In addition, the scripts ensure that images are lazyloaded and where possible scripts are loaded in the footer. This ensures that a minimum number of requests is maintained, which greatly benefits the speed. Since the website has been developed responsive and “mobile first”, the site works optimally on every device and can also be viewed for every device and potential customer.

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Development tools.