A new colorful custom website.

Team Koen
Custom WordPress site with agenda and space rental
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Project description.

Kulturhus de Spil offers a meeting place to all residents of Nieuwleusen with activities and events in the field of sports and culture. A completely new colorful design had been designed and delivered by Team Koen for which I had been assigned by Team Koen to take care of the technical realisation and to carefully convert it into a custom WordPress site. The requirement was to incorporate modules for organising an agenda and renting out spaces. A visual editor also had to be integrated so that the customer could easily manage the content.


The design has been accurately converted from Adobe Illustrator into a custom WordPress theme with SVGs and icon fonts where possible for their crisp, clean look and fast loading speed. Three different modules have been built with a custom post type that allow De Spil to manage and organise an agenda, rent out rooms with a gallery and form and to display a photo gallery. WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer) is also integrated into the website to visually edit content and landing pages. For some components of the design, some elements had to be custom built for WPBakery that De Spil can manage.


During development, all script libraries are managed via Node.JS/NPM, so that the latest version can always be easily deployed (think of Bootstrap, Fontawesome etc.) and task runners are used with Gulp.js to compile all SASS and JavaScript to minified and combined scripts. In addition, the scripts ensure that images are lazyloaded and where possible scripts are loaded in the footer. This ensures that a minimum number of requests is maintained, which greatly benefits the speed. Since the website has been developed responsive and “mobile first”, the site works optimally on every device and can also be viewed for every device and potential customer.

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Development tools.