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Project description.

Aktiva was founded in 2010 to support people in their finances and to help them move forward independently again. The service was created after noticing the huge waiting lists at authorities and the lack of personal attention and time. The establishment was partly intended to improve and professionalise the standards that applied at the time. After a few years, Aktiva was ready for a new look. Aktiva had a completely new brand guide made and based on the new brand guide, a completely new design had to be made for the website, which had to coordinate the technical realisation. For that I got the confidence and assignment from Team Koen to create a new look and realize the design.


With Sketch I have realised a new homepage design based on their new brand guide and a fixed color palette with reusable components for various pages & sections, which serves as the basis for the entire appearance of the website. For this, some wireframes were given to determine some guidelines of the content structure. In order to have a complete picture of what will be realised, the other pages of the website were also designed to make early choices. The service page, agency page, customer service page, references page, customer story page, news overview, news page and follow-up / contact page have been designed for this. We then coordinated the designs and made some revisions. After the design was approved via the design process, the designs were delivered and the website can be built.

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