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My process

I use a process for planning, designing and developing your site, that can be adapted to suit your needs.

Transparency is everything

Good relationships are built on clear and open communication. I ensure that my production process is clear for you and answer any questions.

Quality matters

I ensure it by delivering stable work, finding solutions, delivering according to schedule and ensuring top quality code.

Keeping you in the loop

I get you involved within a task-management system to keep you in the loop and communicate over what works best for you whether its over email, chat or "voice-to-voice".

You get to review it first

I use local and staging servers, so that your site is safe and you can see changes and review them before they are ‘live’.

Peace of mind

Three, two, one, launch is easier said then done. Before we are een close to “three” I ensure that your site is tested and that the process of launching is painless to you.

I'm part of your team

I continue to provide top class support post launch to make sure your website continues to run smoothly. If you have issues or questions - I'll be glad to help you ASAP.



A successful project start with a properly filled in questionnaire. The questionnaire will steer the project in the right direction by providing information about your business, your vision, the requirements and objectives of the project.

  • You can fill in the questionnaire right here in the website.
  • A chat will be scheduled for in-depth discussion.


Before we get to the fun I need to ensure that your investment has the maximum impact possible, I ensure this by creating a plan out of the information gathered from phase one that will set the stage for the entire project.

  • You will receive a proposal, contract and invoice.
  • You will get invited into the task-management system.


This is the phase where the information outlined in the planning and discovery phases takes shape and along with knowledge and experience I develop the look and feel that you want your audience to experience on your website through the meticulous choice of design elements and other key factors.

  • Sitemap and flowcharts will be created to outline the structure.
  • Wireframes, simple layout sketches, are made for key site pages.
  • Final designs are created from the wireframes and the style guidelines.


Once we agreed on the final designs, we move into the next stage where I start to develop a responsive and functional website according to the approved design. My code is written with the end design in mind as being dual roled as developer and the designer, resulting in clean code purposefully designed for your brand. Clean code equals fast websites

  • You can access the staging version to follow and review the process.
  • Github will be used for version control.


Three, two, one, launch is easier said then done. Before we are een close to “three” I ensure that analytics are in place, your site is tested and that the process of launching is painless to you. All websites go through rigorous and final quality assurance checks.

  • Performance tools will be used to measure and optimize speed.
  • SEO tools will be used to test and and improve the SEO web structure.

Why work with me?

Information Architecture

I believe that thoughtful information architecture lays the groundwork for an intuitive, efficient, and effective website and email.

Responsive Design & Development

I take the time to ensure that your website or email makes the right first impression on every device and to every potential customer.

Web Structure for SEO

I write search-engine friendly code and structure all websites with keywords and metadata in all the right places, tested with SEO tools and Google Search Console.

Digitalization of Processes

I digitize and integrate business processes within the website, both front- and back-end, and integrate marketing and CRM tools.

Custom Development

From small tweaks to custom Wordpress & WooCommerce functionalities, plugins, Shopify and Lightspeed apps, I got you covered.

eCommerce Solutions

Custom WooCommerce, Lightspeed or Shopify development that fits your eCommerce business.

SVGs, Icon Fonts + Retina

I make sure to use SVGs and icon fonts whenever possible for their crisp, clean appearance and fast loading speed.

Intuitive Admin Panels

Your custom tailored Wordpress or WooCommerce website and every piece of content will be fully editable and easy to manage.

Content Migration

I make sure all content from your old website will be transferred successfully to your new website if necessary.

Speed & Performance

I make sure your website load fast using speed testing tools to measure and optimize on page size, load time and render time.

Security Hardening

I make sure that your Wordpress site follows the best security practices so it's safe against plugin vulnerabilities, security breaches and hackers.

Quality Assurance

I test your website in all modern browsers, IE11 and mobile devices using various tools, making sure everything works correctly before release.

Setup & Installations

Count on me to install your Wordpress website or setup your Shopify or Lightspeed shop. No additional costs, I got you covered.

Close Collaboration

Our partnership includes frequent feedback sessions, open task board and direct communication which is crucial for success.

Ongoing support

I'm part of your team. If you have issues or questions - just let me know. I'll be glad to help you ASAP.